You've decided to build a custom home in the Park City area. What should you do next?

1. Select Your Builder.
Of all the professionals in this process you will spend by far the most time and money with your builder. You must find a builder who is not only able and willing to do the job, but with whom you feel you can establish a good rapport. After all, you may spend a year or two working together. Be sure to check references and verify your contractor's license and other credentials. Learn why competitive bidding might not be the best way to choose a builder.

See FAQ's page for a word about "Preferred Builders."

2. Establish your budget.
The home you build should fit the building lot you buy. Avoid under or over building by establishing a rough budget before your lot purchase. If you need construction financing, now is the time to get pre-approved.

3. Find a Home site.
With your price range and a general description of the home in mind, work with a local real estate agent to find the appropriate site. Using a local agent to find your lot is as important as using a good builder to build your house. Involving Curtis Graf Homes early in the selection process can provide you with valuable insight into potential site development issues.

4. Design your home.
Although you can have general ideas in mind, a truly custom home cannot be designed until you know the topography of the site and the exact direction of the views. We offer in-house design services but can also help in your selection of an Architectural or Drafting firm to design your home.

5. Submit your plans.
The typical submission process in the Park City area involves not just the building department, but other entities as well. Most subdivisions have an Architectural review process and all plans must meet minimum planning department requirements. We make a point of staying current with these ever changing regulations to ensure a smooth and swift application and approval process.

6. Commence construction!
Groundbreaking is probably the second most exciting day of your project (right after Move-in day). At Curtis Graf Homes, we know that you want to start digging as soon as your permit is in hand, so we plan accordingly. By involving us from the beginning of the process you ensure the earliest start date possible.
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