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Extreme Makeover: Exterior Edition:
Kelly and Suzy came to me in the summer of 2008 with complaints of peeling paint and siding "falling of the wall." I suspected a bit of hyperbole but was surprised to find exactly that; some of the siding was so loose that I could pull it off the wall with one hand!

The roof of their home was built with no overhang. The siding was subject to direct exposure to all the elements, but the real problem was the snow. As snow built up each winter the cornice would curl down and touch the siding. This provided a conduit for moisture from melting snow to soak the boards, causing them to curl and allow water behind. Fortunately, the Tyvek was applied well, and prevented the water from getting into the wall itself.

We came up with a plan to reframe the perimeter of the roof to provide an overhang, add some gables to protect windows and doors, and redo the entire exterior of the house. The siding was replaced with stucco over over 2" of foam insulation. Cedar soffit, fascia, and trim details were applied as well as shake gable accents. Then, we added stone veneer to the chimneys and wainscotting in the front to visually anchor the facade.